West Kalimantan Tourism

Tales of Tourist (TOT) Part 1/4

Warning : English Subs from Part 1-4 are not available yet. We will update it soon!

Genre : Drama & Comedy

About :
Tales of Tourist presents a movie about the adventure of a tourist called ‘Amao’ in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Description :
This is a 20-minute movie made by Heraklinos Home Production.
Movie will be available on DVD and Youtube!
100% Free!

All rights reserved.

Plot Outline :
Quek Pho Mao, an eccentric scientist from Singapore, is going to have a vacation at Bali. He took a cruise trip with the route from Singapore to Bali through Jakarta. Unexpectedly, his ticket got swapped in a toilet at a port. Now here he is, stranded in the exotic town of Pontianak. Carrying only his guts and recklessness, he decides to venture around Pontianak. Embarking on a whole different level of journey, Amao discovers things he has never seen before in his life…

Starring :
Hendo Salim, Anthony, Angelina Halim, Andrea Juliati Kurniasari, Lidya Hardinata

Directed By :
Devie Djunaidy

Written By :
Viviana Veronica & Devie Djunaidy

Produced By :
Vanessa Priscillia

Website :





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