Makassar Tourism

Makassar tourism video by Dept. Sastra Universitas Hasanuddin (UnHas) 2013

Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia is the largest city in Eastern Indonesia. Makassar is known for it’s delicious food, vibrant culture, and island snorkeling within an hour from the city. Makassar is also the jumping off point to other amazing Eastern Indonesian destinations such as Tana Toraja, Wakatobi, Manado, and Togian Islands. Spend a few day in Makassar, enjoy the food, talk to the people, and experience Indonesian hospitality.


  1. durn term says

    pengucapan setiap kata masih minim,perlu belajar bagaimana cara? mengucapkan setiap kata bahasa inggris.but anyway,i think you have done the best

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