Toraja Rafting Adventure Tour

Cycling in Indonesia, Sulawesi (Celebes), long version

Sulawesi, a festival of encounter, nature and culture.
(for the short version:
Sulawesi is an island in the Indonesian Archipel. Cycling on Sulawesi means much contact with the friendly people.
In Central Sulawesi, you will become acquainted with the special architecture and culture of the Toraja’s.
In summary, cycling on Sulawesi is a special experience.


  1. lokivalentine says

    hello there, i’m glad you like sulawesi. those bamboo band brings back memories as i was part? of my school’s bamboo band

  2. bertvanvliet1 says

    nice to hear this. It was special to listen this music. We have plans in the future traveling again on Sulawesi. tnx for? your reaction

  3. bertvanvliet1 says

    tnx, absoluut,? ook in nrd trouwens. De Islam is zeer tolerant in Sulawesi. Sulawesi was voor ons een van de meest gastvrije landen in de wereld.

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