Create a Sitemap for your Website

In this tutorial we will create a sitemap.xml. This will allow Google and other search engines easy access to index your website and pages within on their page rankings.

Create onlione @


  1. Steve Arambula says

    Wow, I’ve been trying to do this for years & was able to easily create? my sitemap with your excellent tutorial!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this tutorial up!

  2. theLoneDarkHorse says

    k do u just copy the first line onto the google? sitemap bar? somone plz answer need help lols

  3. Aidan Lawlor says

    by fwd slash I think you mean to say dash. But? great video all the same. thanks for putting it together

  4. mags62ish says

    Good video, thanks. Can you tell me? where to upload sitemap.xml into – does it go in with all the html/php files, or elsewhere?

  5. Rex Orwell says

    Google Webmaster Tools. Open a Google Analytics account and go through the process of putting its? script into your head. Once you’ve done that Webmaster Tools will already have your site logged so you’ll have both tools set-up.

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