1. Yolanda Romero says

    I know when I make? my own personal videos to share. Thank-you all for keeping me I secured. For my eyes to enjoy fine , and Lessening on usages.

  2. Yolanda Romero says

    I am happy to share good positively good news. Everyone needs to read the fine Print. We agree on there Terms. They tell you if you do not agreed. Then delete it. I love there products. I? love how they provide us users with tips, choices, and so much more enjoyable everything. just my thoughtful ness to agreat Inc., yes to learning.

  3. love d. bhandari says

    .hom limbu aakhako aashu roker pani tpako? nimit hashi diula hojarau chot horu saher pani tpaiko bachi diula my name is hom limbu hal malaysia

  4. Hmraja says

    Yes Google must be stopped, this is going way too far, I don’t want these? bastards to forcefully track me and personal info.

  5. Freddowasher says

    Boycotting Google until they start to pay their UK taxes! What they’re doing may be legal? but it’s? totally immoral.

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