Lombok Dive

Lombok Diving

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2hrs drive from Lombok International Airport, Praya, we arrived at Desert Point Lodge, a diver’s guest house based in the region of Sekutong. A simple accommodation along the coastal strip with no other shops or eating places within 200m. Accomodation was simple with mosquito net protected beds and a shower with no heater. Having no entertainment at night, sleep was the only thing we could do.

The dive shop, Dive Zone was located on a private island, Gili Asahan and we had to hop on to these quaint little boats which might seem familiar if you’ve been to the philipines. The reef i would reckon is quite a young reef mostly filled with juvenile fishes. Cute little things they were. It also housed many frog and leaf fishes which are quite hard to find on other reefs. However, visibility isn’t that great with 8-10m if i rmb correctly. There, i had my strongest drift dive to date where swimming against the current proved futile and a waste of air. The night dive at the house reef also housed some treasures with many shrimps and fishes which i’ve never seen before like the flying garnet. Crabs and boxing shrimps were also apently. Cute nocturnal juvenile creatures could also be found as well as the shellfishes which came alive at night. We also found a baby cuttlefish! After the night dive which brought us near to the shore and close to the surface, you don’t need to dive to find these treasure. you can just snorkel! and to top it up, surfacing with the dark night sky filled with celestial stars without light pollution from the boats was just amazing.

After 6 dives, with the last dive being an explored dive site we finally left the place enroute to Mataram City, the local capital which the ang mohs know as the place to grab macs, kfc and pizzahut. I must say it was a nice play to get out from the hustle and bustle of the tourist strips especially for diving. And after talking to someone from Oregon, she claimed that it was so much better than the gili islands (probably cos of the white tips they saw)

Sorry for the not so clear underwater pictures. didnt know the normal housing for the gopro isn’t that good underwater. also, courtesy to @yi chong for some of the pics off his camera.


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