Lembeh Dive

Diving in Lembeh Strait (muck diving)

Muck diving in Lembeh Strait – searching for the rare and the special underwater creatures from North Sulawesi (Indonesia). This is the best of the footage of my 2012 trip.
Lembeh island is located at the northeastern most tip of Sulawesi and is famous for muck diving. There is an enormous diversity in marine life to be found.
I stayed and dived with Bastianos Lembeh Diving Resort.
I composed and produced the music for the video.

The video was chosen as PADI’s ‘video of the month’ in November 2012.

For more underwater videos, pictures and free music downloads visit: www.samudravisions.com


  1. HamidahIshak says

    So serene.background music so tranquilizing, peaceful? and pure like the sea breeze dancing on the mist of the blue calm sea..beautiful is the CREATOR’s creations.awesome,inspiring music too..stirring the heart and soul.hamdhqadrAMAN.

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