Kendari Dive

Padei Island Diving Spots @ Toli-Toli Kendari Sulawesi Tenggara

This video is the beginning of my four days diving adventure in order to conservate the ocean around southern an center celebes( Sulawesi ) with Toli-Toli Giant Clam ocean Marine Park conservation team during May 2011
I felt so lucky to be able to dive, in this not well known dive spot near Padei Island, not only the beautiness of this dive spot that I saw, but also a lots of destruction around the dive spot, the damage caused by some reckless human being. There I knew someone named Habib, he’s a hero who start protecting the ocean since two years ago at Toli-Toli, and the result is very satisfactory. All this is done with sincerity, so that our next generations are still able to feel the beauty of indonesian’s ocean.
Thank’s to Habib and all the team. I pray there will be another Habib, together protecting our ocean from any harm.

Wait for my next video …


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