Jakarta Tourism

Enjoy Jakarta With Garuda Indonesia (preview)

client : garuda indonesia airways
year : 2009
promotional tourism video about jakarta & the cities nearby
made for travel & tourism exhibition in jeddah (saudi arabia) & dubai (uea)


  1. TMT31 says

    Really loved it, head on? with some of the best places to go to. Albeit portrayed in a slightly better light.

    I do wonder what song/music is used in the background, though.

  2. karonkeren says

    thank you for your comment

    the weather was really bad & the lighting was really dull when i shoot it, it’s our mistake … hehehe … hmmm, i really? don’t know why the song doesn’t come up in youtube … it’s kinda weird

  3. karonkeren says

    hi raykrislianggi …
    it’s about point of view anyway … i’ve seen a lot of suffering here but i’ve seen a lot of beautiful life here … but i? prefer the beauty of life because it’s inspire people to grab their own happiness … thanx for your comment anyway … hihihihi

  4. sapugeni says

    wow….. hebat vidnya….. salut buat lo bro
    lets promote the best and the beauty of Indonesia to the world. the food, entertainment and best? of all, the hospitality and friendliness people of Indonesia.

    Lets make Indonesia on top of the world again.

    o yaa… judul lagunya apa ya????
    enak buat relaxing

  5. karonkeren says

    … the last time I go there, the ticket is about 5 US$ …? Jakarta is a capital city of Indonesia, so if you interest in going to Indonesia then Jakarta is worth going to

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