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Backpack Travel – Indonesia 2012 – Backpacking between jungle & ocean

In this video I present you the Indonesia I found when I was backpacking there in February 2012. The video takes you from Bali to Lombok to Java. You can find the story that goes along with the video on my blog
Here’s the link:


  1. Bryan Southwick says

    I am planning a trip to indonesia probably form august through september and i want to scuba dive along? the way. what were your favorite places that you hit and how much was the cost to island hop??

  2. Ina Scharun says

    I have only been diving in Pejakaran on the north/west tip of Bali, it’s? a big national park area. There is an exciting ship wreck close to Tulamben and more great diving spots. I can’t give you advice about the rest of Indonesia. Island hopping on public ferries (not the tourist trips) is very cheap and goes regularly.

  3. cumeil says

    Indonesia has so much more to offer than Bali, Bali is used as a filter to keep? all the dirty scum away from the rest of Indonesia.
    Best diving spots can be found at Aceh, North Sulawesi , Ambon or Raja ampat.
    Best Jungles North Sumatra, Borneo or Irian jaya (Take personal protection for all).
    Travel to all islands is best to fly any Indonesian airline prices are only $20 more then boats. If need to travel on boat don’t take anything, you WILL be robbed If U R White.

  4. cumeil says

    Police assistance is also at a cost, So if you need the police be prepared to pay. They will work hard for you if you do.
    Learn as much Indonesian as possible but speak as little as possible so you can hear what people say about? you.
    just some pointers from a white skinned Indonesian.

  5. Ina Scharun says

    wise words, bahasa indonesia is not even that hard at least the? grammar is quite straight forward.

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