Indonesia Tourism

Wonderful Indonesia | Feeling is Believing (HQ)

Indonesia Tourism Board commercial 2012

Film Director : Condro Wibowo
DOP : Roni Arnold
Producer : Heary
Asst Dir : Leo DJ
Prod Asst : Awe
Wardrobe : Ajeng
Editor : Andimamo
Music : FLOAT- Hotma ‘Meng’ Roni , Benyamin Windra, Raymond
Talent : David & Johana “The Princess”


  1. orang mutumanikam says

    In this clip video, I only see hindus and budhist cultural. Where Islam??? 88%? Indonesian are muslim. Introduce the cultural peaceful muslim indonesia to the world bro! Indonesia not only Bali..!!


    miris, jalan2 dalem negri lebih mahal daripada keluar negri. singapur Rp. 700rb, malay Rp.? 2jt + hotel. irian. Rp. 10-15juta gak pake pesawat lagi…miris. gimana pariwisata bisa tumbuh kalo orang dalem negrinya gak bisa pariwisata murah.

  3. addymenayang says

    I was thinking the same thing!!!! Haha, this is actually an ad for a parallel universe Indonesia where the Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms never fell and Islam? actually never came to the archipelago. Anyways, such a pretty video

  4. Bima Satria Garuda Nusantara says

    I would say your criticism was right and most Indonesians (surely) will accept it as a positive suggestion, but could we (please) try to see different view, the message of Indonesia’s Tourism ads is and always be : ” by history, Buddhism Hinduism they had existed in Indonesia way back long before other religions and cultures came to Nusantara “.. it isn’t too wrong the wisdom to respect the indigeneous religions & cultures in Indonesia ?, ” Sukarno : the Great Nation will respect their? History “

  5. Bima Satria Garuda Nusantara says

    by “your definition”? a moderate nation is if 1. the country (law) allows minimum sentence for drug use, 2. it has westernised fashion style, 3. many crackheads and wackos come around on the street, RIDICULOUS WTF do u think u r the entire world have to follow ur one sided standard ?, every single country on earth has its own sovereignty to rule their law, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, Indonesia doesnt want ignorant ulturally insensitive tourists (drug party goer), nor terrorist) nor trashy drug dealers

  6. Bima Satria Garuda Nusantara says

    INDONESIA bangga memiliki putra putri seperti kamu? yang memegang teguh semangat persatuan , we love Indonesia , salam

  7. Bima Satria Garuda Nusantara says

    in Malaysia if you got caught for drug possession, death penalty? would end your life and complaint, I definitely agree Indonesia one day should follow Malaysia’s strict law against drug-narcotic violence to protect our young generation future. Anyway you seems retarded to understand the world countries (cultures, laws) they are different one each other, eventhough in SEA : Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, they are different

  8. Mk √últra says

    It’s not about definitions. But about perceptions. And here I specifically refer to the expectations and misconceptions most tourists have about countries that may on the outside appear civilized. That goes for most? countries with a muslim majority.

  9. Nanda Tri Mahar says

    kewreeeen !!! ini iklan sungguhan bukan ya? cari cari? kanal yutub pariwisata Indonesia yg “official” kok susah….

  10. Mu Ba says

    I always research on “Dos and Don’ts” while planning my trips. I think everyone should do it before traveling anywhere (I’m sure they do!) Why do people travel around the globe and spend their so much (earned) money then? Only to find what they? can find at home? To experience the same thing?
    If you can’t or don’t want to respect local cultures or laws, I’d suggest you better not traveling anywhere “foreign” and just stay home. Wish you all the best with that.

  11. Saleh Saad says

    Indonesia is an extremely well established economy with an extremely high population. I think it’s Islam’s best ambassador and best potential liberator of the occupation of palestine due? to it’s well educated society.

  12. Adnan Bosnjak says

    Selam Alejkum brothers,respect and much love from Bosnia.We wish you always be? free and prosperous,people and animals and live good life,stay away from evil.Allahu Akbar.

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