Indonesia Food Drink

ES DEGAN ice coconut drink Indonesian food, fresh juice drink tiga ribu

This is a quick video taken of a popular drink in Indonesia called ES DEGAN or iced coconut juice, the ingredients are coconut water, coconut meat,ice, sugar syrup. It is made on the spot and poured into either a plastic bag for take away or a glass tankard if you prefer to sit in the shade watching the world go by. the cost is tiga ribu rupee ( 3,000 rupees) or 35 cents Australian, Just another stunning example of the insane prices of food in western countries due to excessive taxation & inflation (Tax), One can of coconut juice in Australia is so over 10 tankards of fresh drink could be purchased here for that price Gilla! (crazy) same goes for common commodities like fruit & veg a packet of cigarettes is , in Australia the excuse is to stop smoking through Taxation seems everything is solved through financial penalties in western countries funny that ! even the sky falling can be fixed with money apparently,


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