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Kuta city is focused on tourists. During our visit, we found that the beaches and shops are all focused on tourism and hence, there is a lot to offer tourists visiting Kuta in Bali. Besides a large shopping centre (Matahari) at the centre of Kuta City, there are many smaller shops selling tourist souvenirs, musical and clothing items at competitive prices – you may need to bargain though. Kuta beach is well maintained and appears to be a surfer’s paradise as many surf boards are available for hire there. The waves could be very high there at times. Nice place to visit and explore.


  1. Travelfun4ever says

    Yes the new look airport is huge, hope to go end of the year.
    Yes the new buildings in Kuta so many going into Kuta this time was so different it was hard to know where you where till? i saw old hotels looks like your at the legion end of Kuta

  2. Cruze9311 says

    I just got back from Kuta. A boring place to be in. Shops close at 11pm thereafter it becomes a ghost town.?

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