Bali Island

Bali – Paradise Isle 1946

A tour of Bali and its religious traditions in 1946. Footage from this film is available for licensing from


  1. pqxxedf says

    Only on the imaginary religions that exist between this thing’s ears. In fact, Jesus says “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” and in answer to Jesus “to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt? offerings and sacrifices”. Maybe this thing should try reading the bible instead of ignorantly bashing other people.

  2. Jonny Short says

    I’m not squealing and I’m not “ignorantly bashing other people” by observing? that poor people pour huge resources into building edifices to gods that self evidentially, do not exist.

    I am your neighbour and the way you treat me is abysmal.

    Hypocritical christians are common. You are one.

  3. pqxxedf says

    This thing runs around trolling? religious videos and then it squeals “foul play” when somebody fights back. Poor baby…

  4. winxsmart says

    lol not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. this is nothing if you want real life horny? girls who will skype with you have a look:

  5. Bali Lover says

    You can download a free travel guide about Bali on travelling-bali or check the link? in FB under travellingbali the perfect sources to plan your holliday :)

  6. Bali Lover says

    then you can read a free travelguide on travelling-bali or check out facebook and search for travellingbali ? :) enjoy your next holiday :)

  7. COWofHACKNEY says

    It’s an absolute toilet these? days. Full of Javans and Sumatrans trying to sell you rubbish/drugs. And neanderthal Australians in Bintang singlets.

  8. adrienne montes says

    but did Christ exist? Does God exist? Do any beliefs exist?? they are all open to condemnation….focus on yourself nothing more

  9. adrienne montes says

    but the bible was cut to pieces? by men so how does that serve us mere mortal lower than though females?

  10. Jonny Short says

    I have no idea if Christ existed, I don’t know what happened 2 thousand years ago.
    Does God exist? Not in my experience.
    Do beliefs exist? Of course they do, that’s why people waste their resources building churches.

    And I’ll focus on anything I like thanks.

    The common theme that runs through all believers of Gods is that? they try to control other people.
    Why do you suppose you are in a position to tell me what to do?

  11. pqxxedf says

    Says? some sock puppet with zero subscribers, zero videos, zero comments, and its Youtube account made yesterday…

  12. pqxxedf says

    “The common theme that runs through all believers of Gods is that they try to control other people”
    We all try to? control other people. That’s what your Church of an Ever Expanding Government is doing right now. Police officers are out in force every day all day controlling other people. True believers in ever-expanding government want government to control it all, and exclude control from any other religions. Some anti-religious people are more controlling than any religious person.

  13. pqxxedf says

    “the bible was cut to pieces by men”
    “how? does that serve us mere mortal lower than though females?”
    The same way hierarchy serves anybody in life. All of us ordinary people have some duty to others. Because you are part? of the human hierarchy does not make you a victim. Just because you have to do what a police officer (or a supervisor/boss) tells you to do does not make you less of a human being. That is, unless power is everything to you.

  14. Jonny Short says

    “We all? try to control other people.” !!??
    No, no we don’t. But hearing that you do explains a lot.

    “Some anti-religious people are more controlling than any religious person.?”
    For this statement to be true, you would have to know how controlling every religious person was.

    The only people who want government to expand are those who need a parent throughout their life. Some folk want government to look after them, others prefer to pretend an invisible ‘father’ in the sky is watching them.

  15. Jonny Short says

    Bill Bux made an honest observation about your post.
    He didn’t condemn or decry, just said it was interesting.

    Your response is a name calling personal attack including? referring to him as ‘it’. A favourite dehumanising insult of yours it would seem.

    You need to spend some serious time looking in the mirror mate.
    You are a nasty vindictive individual and obviously think yourself better than everyone else because you call yourself Christian.
    You treat your fellow man poorly.
    Good folk don’t.

  16. pqxxedf says

    Right… So using the term “it” supposedly justifies a reply full of insults…? Go for it, and when you get a chance, try defending your silly ideas, too.

  17. pqxxedf says

    Yeah, I’d like to see you try to justify/explain some of your opinions. Or is that squeezing blood from a? turnip?

  18. pqxxedf says

    “I have no idea if Christ existed”
    Over one billion Muslims do not think much of Jesus, but they acknowledge that he walked the earth. Add to that millions of Christians and however many others. And somehow your? doubt that Jesus exists is worth mentioning?

  19. pqxxedf says

    “people waste their resources building churches”
    People build churches so this thing can waste its time whining about? it…

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